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Landscapes in Poetry : Introduction

Landscapes in poetry is an artistic and multidisciplinary project which shall take place between June and October 2004 in the Alps of Vaud. It will include three Gardens of poetry and photography, a series of conferences and scientific debates during the Rencontres internationals du paysage, a literary week entitled Une montagne à lire and fifteen hiking paths regrouped in the Itinéraires du paysage guide. Various theatrical and musical animations will take place during the event.

A subtil link gets created between writing and image. Some kind of language which is neither entirely in the lexical or grammatical domain, neither entirely in the emotional or iconographical domain. A language halfway between reason and sensitivity. A door open to poetry. Paysages en poésie wishes to follow this direction.

To make people discover the landscapes through an artistic project, constitute a new cultural capital, allow artists, authors, scientists and HES (hautes études spécialisées) students to develop a modern thought about the environment and landscape management, such are the goals of this project which touches different forms of discourse about the consciousness of the places addressed to a wide audience.

A concrete answer to the problems raised in Rio by Agenda 21 for a sustainable development, Landscapes in poetry is a proposal for cultural tourism based on principals of ecotourism.


With the participation of the communes of :

Château d’Oex
Les Mosses - Ormonts-Dessous
Les Diablerets - Ormonts-Dessus