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Hélène Binet
Balthasar Burkhard
Thomas Flechtner

Pierre Bergounioux
Michel Butor
Jacques Réda

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Château d'Oex
Le col de la Croix

  Gardens of photography and poetry : Introduction

Three photographers : Hélène Binet, Thomas Flechtner, Balthasar Burkhard ; three authors : Michel Butor, Jacques Réda, Pierre Bergounioux ; three open air art galleries in significant parts of the Alps of Vaud : the hill of the Temple at Château d’Oex, the summit of the Berneuse in Leysin and the hamlet of the la Croix mountain pass. Such are the basic ingredients.

The artists, invited in residence, offer an original creation (30 photographs and 10 short texts) about the very places where their works are to be exhibited. In the course of a competition, some young creators from the engineering school of Lullier (landscape architecture and environment management) and from the haute école d’arts appliqués of Geneva (visual communication and interior design) imagined an original way of presenting these works. And the alchemy works, answering the postulates that define landscape consciousness: the capacity to represent it, the words to describe it and the aptitude to modify it.

At the end of the day, Gardens of photography and poetry, where many forms of artistic expression mix, between magic and lucidity, invite us to discover or rediscover alpine areas with new eyes and an awakened consciousness.

Château d’Oex – Hill of the Temple :
Hélène Binet (photographs)
Jacques Réda (texts)

Leysin – Summit of the Berneuse :
Thomas Flechtner (photographs)
Michel Butor (texts)

Col de la Croix – Hamlet of la Croix :
Balthasar Burkhard (photographs)
Pierre Bergounioux (texts)