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The salt path

The railway lines at the origins of tourism

An urban stroll in the «good air» of the Alps

The Chaussy mountain chain

On the footsteps of a neo-classical architect in Aigle

Ollon - St-Triphon

The folds of time

On the razorblade of a landscape

La Pierreuse

The path of the Post

The Grand chemin royal

The 1798 fights at the mountain pass of la Croix

The old canal lock of the Joux Verte

An electrical promenade

On foot or by bike, zigzagging
in the Chablais vineyard


Landscape itineraries

The guide of Intineraries of the landscape is a book which invites one to discover the Alps of Vaud via cultural themes. Through varied subjects such as history, geology, architecture or sociology, the reader can either identify the reasons of being of a path and the origins of its layout (that one often does not know of during ones walks), either to discover a new path, special created for this guide. Fourteen itineraries are gathered here. They remind us of that which changes space, the genius and curiosity of men and, sometimes, that the paths are also those of battles from the past. One will find, for example, the path of the Morier postmen (first half of the 19th century) between Vevey and Château-d’Oex, a geological itinerary in the Pierreuse reserve, architectural itineraries in Aigle and Leysin, a study of peasant hamlets that surround the Chaussy peak, but also a history of electricity and barrages, as well as transformations produced by the mountain tourism, or even the conveying of soldiers for the battle of la Croix.

These paths are of varied length and difficulty: they range from the two-day mountain trek to the shorter stroll inside a town or a village. A list of useful addresses, a short bibliography and, when necessary, a lexicon complete each chapter.

To be published 1st semester of 2004 at the Editions LEP

Texts by Mary-Claude Busset and Denise Reymond, Sandrina Cirafici, Bruno Corthésy and Dave Lüthi, Liliane Desponds, Michèle Grote, Michaël Jakob, Christophe Jemelin, Michel Marthaler, Françoise Ostermann, Brigitte Pradervand, Jean-Pierre Pralong, Matthew Richards.

Under the direction of Pierre Starobinski
Scientific expert : Ariane Jemelin