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Château d'Oex
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Château d'Oex

The hill of the Temple:

The particularity of this place is as much topographical, historical, religious as it is related to its landscape. The hill of the Temple is certainly one of the first gardens of the east part of Vaud. At the foot of this hill lies a small mountain town, its development necessarily raises the question of a continuous quest for balance, between modernism and tradition, urban expansion and preservation of the environment. The urbanisation process is clearly perceptible: newly built zones, high tension lines, ski lifts, omni sport areas, a cantonal road. Two steps away, the Pierreuse natural reserve evokes that ideal of purity associated with mountain landscapes in the popular imagination. This way, this unique headland constitutes a optimal place to both the observation of a mutating environment and the imagination of what it could become…


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Charte environnementale