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Château d'Oex
Le col de la Croix

  The mountain pass of la Croix

The hamlet of la Croix :

A place outside of time. The imposing cliff of the Diablerets glacier, a big opening onto the summit of the Dents du Midi. A recent access road and four alpine chalets, emblematic figures of the Alps, are the only perceptible traces of the presence of man. The feelings of fragility and of strength mix here. The setting invites respect and introspection. The mountain plays the role of landmark in both space and time here; it becomes a world on its own. As for the hill of the Temple in Château d’Oex, the cross, symbol of the sacred, has a value as spatial, temporal and spiritual buoy. The mountain pass marks the limit of traditional human activity; beyond there one enters the “wild” world.

The mountain pass of la Croix takes its place, not without reason, amongst the most beautiful Swiss landscapes.


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Charte environnementale