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The salt path

The railway lines at the origins of tourism

An urban stroll in the «good air» of the Alps

The Chaussy mountain chain

On the footsteps of a neo-classical architect in Aigle

Ollon - St-Triphon

The folds of time

On the razorblade of a landscape

La Pierreuse

The path of the Post

The Grand chemin royal

The 1798 fights at the mountain pass of la Croix

The old canal lock of the Joux Verte

An electrical promenade

On foot or by bike, zigzagging
in the Chablais vineyard


The folds of time : discovering the sea via mountains

This didactic itinerary mainly concerns the region of the small valley of Nant (Vaud Alps). It tells the extraordinary story of a tropical water sea which became the Muverans mountain chain. In order to show that our world is not immutable and that the Alps have not always existed, this hike speaks of ancient and present times and spaces of the landscape that have disappeared and those that still exist in order to be able to read the rocks the shapes that constitute it and give the landscape its beauty.

Jean-Pierre Pralong : A geographer who works at the Geography Institute of the University of Lausanne and is currently writing a doctoral thesis on geotourism (a form of tourism turned towards the promotion of the objects of study of the Sciences of the Earth) in the regions of Crans-Montana-Sierre and Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. Another of his research themes is the theoretical scientific mediation and practice of the Sciences of the Earth.