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The salt path

The railway lines at the origins of tourism

An urban stroll in the «good air» of the Alps

The Chaussy mountain chain

On the footsteps of a neo-classical architect in Aigle

Ollon - St-Triphon

The folds of time

On the razorblade of a landscape

La Pierreuse

The path of the Post

The Grand chemin royal

The 1798 fights at the mountain pass of la Croix

The old canal lock of the Joux Verte

An electrical promenade

On foot or by bike, zigzagging
in the Chablais vineyard


The Chaussy mountain chain : to each side its alpine economy.

In the middle of the Vaud prealpes, the Chaussy mountain chain invites us to discover the contrastes between its two sides.

On the Ormonts side, the south slope offers us an open geographical space dominating the high valley of the Grand-Eau. The exploiting of the mountain pastures has kept up its family character and its villages of small wooden chalets.

In the Pays-d’Enhaut, to the north, mountain chains separate the big pastures. As of the XVIIth century, cheese was made there to be exported and necessitated big chalets.

Denyse Raymond : Born and still lives in the Mosses, mountaineer and art historian. Author of the Préalpes-Chablais-Lavaux volume of the study on countryside houses of the canton of Vaud. Currently works for the Etude des maisons rurales du Valais.

Mary-Claude Busset-Henchoz : Was adopted by Ormon and now lives in Vers-L’Eglise. She studied history and history of local art and will be responsible for the future Ormonts Museum.