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The salt path

The railway lines at the origins of tourism

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Ollon - St-Triphon

The folds of time

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The Grand chemin royal

The 1798 fights at the mountain pass of la Croix

The old canal lock of the Joux Verte

An electrical promenade

On foot or by bike, zigzagging
in the Chablais vineyard

  The 1798 fights at the mountain pass of la Croix

The independence of Vaud is declared on January 24th 1798. The inhabitants of Ormon oppose it out of allegiance. A joint military expedition between France and Vaud is organised to counter them. The soldiers made way through the mountain in the snow and the cold and fighting took place in numerous points in the morning of March 5th 1798. This stroll through history allows one to discover the itineraries followed by the soldiers as well as the places where the fighting took place.

Liliane Desponds : Historian, member of the Académie du Chablais vaudois, she has published books about the medical and tourist history of Leysin, as well as books about the electrical industry of Aubonne, the east of Vaud and the Chablais. She collaborated to the book Union et Concorde, published during the commemorations of the two hundred years of the canton of Vaud and, as scientific counsellor, to Francis Reusser’s film, La Guerre dans le Haut Pays.