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The salt path

The railway lines at the origins of tourism

An urban stroll in the «good air» of the Alps

The Chaussy mountain chain

On the footsteps of a neo-classical architect in Aigle

Ollon - St-Triphon

The folds of time

On the razorblade of a landscape

La Pierreuse

The path of the Post

The Grand chemin royal

The 1798 fights at the mountain pass of la Croix

The old canal lock of the Joux Verte

An electrical promenade

On foot or by bike, zigzagging
in the Chablais vineyard

  La Pierreuse, a landscape petrified by time

An itinerary in the natural reserve of the Pierreuse, which invites the reader or the walker to a trip through the memory of Earth. It brings us through millions of years of the history of our planet that she keeps preciously engraved in the rocks. Before being a mountain, the Pierreuse was a sea, with its beaches and tropical islands.

Michel Marthaler : A geologist and professor at the University of Lausanne he teaches general geology and alpine geology. He also works on geological cartography of the Valais Alps. Passionate about mountains and their history, he published Le Cervin est-il africain? Une histoire géologique entre les Alpes et notre planète at the LEP editions.